We know that many plans have shifted in 2020 due to COVID-19, and as we’ve found new ways to approach camp, we’ve also adapted our leadership programming to reflect these changing times. To continue our leadership training while maintaining our health and safety protocols, we’ll be offering 3 small LITe retreats for our girls in the leadership program.

Our retreat dates are as follows:

October 30th-November 1st

December 4th-6th

February 4th-7th


We can’t wait to reconnect with you all at camp!

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Our Programs

Camp Lantern Creek has a four year leadership program, beginning for rising 9th graders. The first year is open for all, but promotion to the next level is by invitation only, though our goal is for every girl to succeed. We strive to give the leadership girls experience, knowledge and tools to lead in a variety of ways. Our program has been well received on college resumes, and the skills acquired will help all participants excel in many other settings during the school year from extracurricular clubs to community service groups. We encourage them to make the world a better place!

The Sparks

Incoming 9th graders

The Sparks are campers who are in between their 8th and 9th grade years at school. They will automatically enter into the Spark level of the leadership program upon summer registration. Their leadership role and skills they will learn at camp includes:

  • Big Sister/Little Sister Program - The Sparks on the first day of camp will be responsible for smoothing their Little Sister's transition into camp life by getting to know her, walking her to her classes, and facilitating introductions to other younger campers.

  • Help create a session culture - They have the honor of leading songs at meal times.

  • Enhance communication and self confidence skills - They will work closely with our leadership team to enhance skills in communication and self confidence.

  • Learn group management - Complete Wish Granting Project and and will also have the important task of facilitating one camp-wide activity.

  • Early childhood developmental stages.

They will continue through the program from this point based on a promotion process that encourages them to succeed in every way. Upon promotion, the Sparks will become Flames as rising 10th graders.

The Flames

Incoming 10th graders

The Flames are considered flagship campers and they set the tone for the session. They will take regular morning classes and their afternoon class will be a LITe (Leaders In Training) class. The Flames will live together with specialized leadership counselors and will focus heavily on leadership skills such as:

  • Create session culture and team building - choosing theme days for the session, ie Wacky Wednesday, Mustache Monday.

  • Work with owner, Sunni Markowitz M.Ed., to understand developmental stages and behavior management.

  • Group and Time Management Skills - Flames are responsible for organizing and facilitating two camp-wide activities, including how to requisition supplies.

  • Planning and Organization Skills - plan an overnight for themselves and complete a team challenge on the way!

They are guided through the promotion process, and they are given every opportunity to learn from mistakes and succeed. Upon promotion, the Flames will become Torches as rising 11th graders.

The Torches

Incoming 11th graders

The Torches are rising 11th graders and will enter into a mentorship with the specific members of our counselor staff.

  • They will be dispersed into the younger cabins to gain hands-on training.

  • The leadership staff will have specific training on every level of the program in order to help these campers reach their leadership goals.

  • They will still register for morning classes and they will be assistant teaching in those classes. Because of this, their camp tuition is reduced to half of regular tuition.

  • This program produces a bond that is not experienced by teenagers outside of camp. They are given an unusual opportunity to take ownership in their environment and an ability to directly affect the experience of others.

They will be guided by the directors though the promotion process; and when they succeed, they will be invited back to camp as the Blaze, our elite junior counselors.

The Blaze

Incoming 12th graders

The Blaze are the heart of camp. They are rising 12th graders who have succeeded in every level of the leadership program and are home-grown junior counselors.

  • They will go through the hiring process and will be placed in cabins to be mentored by the Lanterns, our senior counselors.

  • They will live in cabins with younger campers and assist in and sometimes teach classes with supervision.

  • They will earn a paycheck and have time off and will have special meeting times with the directors to continue their training. These remarkable young women have earned the respect that they are given by both campers and staff members.


The New York Times cited that when comparing two candidates, employers would more often hire the candidate who has experience in a summer camp leadership program. The skills developed through the creative process and the leadership program will have a great impact as campers grow and apply themselves in the competitive environment they live in. Camp Counselors and the campers that progress through Lantern Creek's leadership program will have skills to put on their high school and college applications.”




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