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We believe it is essential to discuss the why in determining a group’s interest in a team building program, so that we can customize a package to fit your unique needs. 

Are you hoping your group will try something new, step out of their comfort zones, and learn to take reasonable risks? Perhaps you’re in charge of a youth group that needs to bond together, work on communication skills, or discover what it takes to become a leader. Or maybe everyone simply needs to step out of the office and spend some quality time with each other outdoors. Figuring out the specific needs and goals for your retreat will help ensure that all participants get the most out of their experience.


Whatever your needs are, we have four team building categories that can be booked in a number of ways: on their own, combined into a full day’s experience, or anywhere in between!

As we continue to monitor COVID-19 cases in our region, we have added virtual team-building solutions to our greater offerings. 


Learn more about our team-building offerings here.


Interested in bringing a one- to two-hour or customized virtual team-building experience to your company, organization, faith or youth group, school or other network? Contact us!


A sequence of portable on-the-ground challenges meant to make groups think critically, creatively, and collaboratively, initiatives really focus on whole group team building, rather than individual successes. The challenges are chosen based on the goals and abilities of the group. Initiatives are typically meant for 12-15 people, but can be adjusted to accommodate the size and needs of the group.

Low Elements

Challenges that range from roughly 1 to 4 feet off the ground, Lantern Creek’s low elements offer greater physical challenges than initiatives, but still focus on basic problem-solving skills, while emphasizing team-building.

High Elements

These challenges, which can start as low as 10 feet and go up to approximately 35 feet, require the use of a harness, helmet, and belay system. High elements focus more on emotional and ground support, as well as each participant’s individual drive as they ascend the element. The weight limit to participate in high elements is approximately 250 lbs. 

Team Build-IT

Unique to Lantern Creek, our Team Build-IT woodworking program provides opportunities for groups to feel individually empowered through the use of power tools while ultimately coming together and working as a team to create a final, group product. The focus is primarily on establishing better communication, problem solving, and listening skills. Participants will be trained and instructed prior to using any tools and are supervised throughout the activity by trained personnel. 




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